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Three Characteristics at the Core of Successful Leaders

Open Minded, Persistent, and Disagreeable

Open Minded

Leaders think differently.

As a leader, there will be moments where choosing the best option will not be a clear-cut path. It is in these decision-making moments where you must deviate from the norm and show your open mindedness and creativity to choose. The best option will not always be the easiest, but making a quick call in many crucial moments is what teams rely on their leaders to be able to do. Innovation becomes demonstrated by a leader in being the one who is open minded enough to think outside of the box, give each decision careful thought and ultimately having the ability to make a rational and often on-the-fly decision. Teams can rely on open minded leaders to be able to make decisions that are creative and innovative while also being feasible.


Leaders do not give up.

You want to be known as committed to your ideas and someone who follows through on the promises you make. This requires being persistent and never dropping the ball or giving up on an idea. If you are seen as a leader who is idea-driven but tends to lose motivation when it comes to pursuing the idea through to completion, team members may not feel confident in your ability to contribute to their work. Whenever you commit to doing something, no matter how big or small, to be a respected and successful leader you have to follow through. By being a persistent presence on a team, people will know that they can go to you and trust that you will deliver on your promises.


Leaders do not need everyone’s approval.

As human beings, we are naturally hard wired to seek the approval of others, especially when it comes to business decisions. By being disagreeable and sticking to your convictions as a leader, it shows that you believe in your opinion and that it truly is the best option in that particular situation. This is the most important attribute of a leader because it is where leaders set themselves apart from other team members; by staying true to their intentions without needing the voiced approval of the group. Leaders are able to make the tough calls even when their choice me be unpopular, and it is in this confidence and resolve where leaders command the respect of their peers. Strong leaders are mavericks who do what they intend to do regardless of the naysayers, and are confident in their actions without fear of disapproval. Leaders are unafraid of stepping outside of the box, changing the game, and blazing the trail ahead towards innovation.

“Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand.” – Colin Powell


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